Our Approach

Aligned Interests

  • Our experience has taught us that strong management is critical to achieving outsized success. As such, our portfolio company leaders are true partners, both operationally as well as financially. We believe that both direct investment as well as incremental upside through earned equity are critical components to a healthy and successful partnership. It is important that we all win together and that everyone is working collaboratively towards the same goals.

Team of Support

  • Sky Island is more than capital. We bring a full team of support to each of our portfolio companies and work hand-in-hand to accomplish our mutually shared goals. We are keenly focused on what we can do for our companies and bring decades of experience as both strategic partners and day-to-day operators. Our team members have been on both sides of the table and we can relate to our management team partners because we have been there ourselves.

Methodical and Proven Value Creation System

  • Sky Island has a methodical, proven, and repeatable process for working with our companies to create value for all constituents. The system is built during the diligence process in concert with our management team partners to ensure everyone is in lockstep moving forward. We then focus on developing and supporting the best possible management team to work collaboratively to achieve our lofty goals. With the proper foundation in place, we focus on strategy, operational enhancements, and growth, both organically as well as through add-on acquisitions. Sky Island understands that long-term value is not created by how a company is capitalized, but rather by investing in the right people and processes to establish the bedrock on which to grow and thrive.

Pursue Complementary and Accretive Acquisitions

  • Completing complementary and accretive acquisitions is a powerful way to create value as well as to add diversity to an enterprise. We have a history of successfully growing our companies through acquisitions and we will look for opportunities to pursue select targets where (i) adding scale creates competitive advantages, (ii) the target provides access to new products, end markets, or geographies, or (iii) there is an ability to remove excess capacity and acquire a bad acting competitor.

Focus on Growth

  • We are business builders, not financiers looking to profit from extracting financial gain at the expense of our companies, communities, and employees. Our primary focus is growth and we are steadfast in our commitment to supporting and growing world-class manufacturing companies.