Kaufhold’s Kurds


March 2023



Ellsworth, Wisconsin

Founded in 1995, Kaufhold’s Kurds is a wholesale manufacturer of hand-breaded Wisconsin cheese curds primarily selling through food service distributors across the U.S. “Home of the Original Hand-Breaded Cheese Curd,” Kaufhold’s perfected its techniques and recipes for years at its locally owned restaurant in Ellsworth, Wisconsin before deciding to share its passion with the masses when it built its first wholesale production facility in 1995. Fast forward to today and Kaufhold’s is the largest dedicated breaded cheese curd manufacturer in the U.S. with sales to 49 states.

Despite its growth, Kaufhold’s remains steadfast in its commitment to quality, starting with the finest and freshest Wisconsin cheese curds and hand breading them in small batches to ensure a light and complete coating. In addition to its bestselling Original flavor, Kaufhold’s has perfected five additional flavors – Jalapeño, Garlic, Sriracha, Chesapeake Bay, and Dill Pickle, with more to come.

Sky Island purchased Kaufhold’s Kurds from the second generation of the founding family who retained ownership and who continue to run the Company today.

“When the decision was made to explore partnering with another firm, it was important for us to find a partner who would help to continue to grow the company while embracing our company vision, passion, and values. Our local community and our employees are very important to us as a business and Sky Island Capital understood and respected that. It was also apparent that the Sky Island team came to the table knowledgeable and well informed, which allowed them to understand the needs and the opportunities of our company better than any other firm. Furthermore, it was clear that Sky Island shares the same entrepreneurial spirit as we do. For all the reasons noted here, we proudly selected Sky Island Capital as our financial partner. We feel very confident that Sky Island will be a true partner and help us meet and exceed our financial performance goals within the next few years.”

– Anthony Drummond, CEO and Co-Owner