December 2021



South Houston, Texas

Founded in 1982, USA Industries is a leading manufacturer, supplier, and rental provider of piping isolation and testing products, tube plugs, flow measurement plates, and heat exchanger tools to the refining , petrochemical, chemical, industrial, OEM, and engineering, procurement, and construction end markets. USA products are mission critical to repair, maintenance, and capital projects for the industrial process sectors, where safety and reliability are paramount. USA’s flagship product is GripSafe®, an internally designed and developed piping isolation and test plug gripping technology. Including GripSafe®, USA has nearly 20 active and pending patents across its product portfolio. USA is headquartered in South Houston, Texas.

Sky Island purchased USA from the second generation owner of the founding family who remains at the helm of the Company today.

“When we made the decision to explore bringing in outside capital, it was important for us to find a partner who would continue to grow the company while embracing our culture and values. We partnered with Sky Island Capital because of their alignment with our objectives, and after a seamless transition, the business continues to thrive. Sky Island demonstrated their dedication from the beginning of our engagement and has been instrumental in building out our team – by empowering and promoting existing, qualified members while also sourcing key hires that enhance our ability to execute our long-term goals. Sky Island is much more than just a source of capital and proves to be an equity partner that complements the strengths and weaknesses of our team. They have fortified our existing business model while being committed to help drive the business forward using prudent capital and guidance.”

– Tracy Sue, Co-Owner and Board Member